An Overview of California’s 2004 Tax Amnesty Legislation

As a result of discussions between Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Legislature as part of the funding of the fiscal 2005 Budget Act, language to implement a tax amnesty program was included in Senate Bill (SB) 1100, which was written by the Senate Budget and Fiscal Committee. Amnesty bills have been pending in the California Legislature for the last several sessions, but none had been enacted until SB 1100. On August 2, 2004, the Legislature passed SB 100, which was signed by the Governor on August 16, 2004, as Stats. 2004, Chapter 226. The bill was classified as an “urgency statute,” which went into immediate effect when signed by the Governor. According to SB 1100, “tax amnesty is an innovative and responsible way to increase state revenue to preserve vital state programs without proposing new tax burdens on business and working families, as well as to expose tax evaders operating in the underground economy.”

The remainder of this article can be accessed in the Nov.-Dec. 2004 edition of The Tax Executive.

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