Past Events

01/14/16 “Issues Out West – Prop 13 – What Does the Future Hold?”

COST Property Tax Workshop (San Antonio, Texas)
Presenter: Craig A. Becker

11/04/15 “I Swear It Wasn’t Willful Neglect! Making the Case for Penalty Abatement in California”

2015 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bar and California Tax Policy Conference (La Jolla, Calif.)
Presenter: Annie H. Huang

10/27/15 “What the ‘L’?, Local Taxes”

22nd Annual Paul J. Hartman State & Local Tax Forum (Nashville, Tenn.)
Presenter: Jeffrey M. Vesely

10/20/15 “Hidden Taxes and Fees”

COST 46th Annual Meeting/Fall Audit Session (Chicago)
Presenter: Jeffrey M. Vesely

09/21/15 “How to Defend a Remote Access to Software Sales Tax Audit, Part II”

State Tax Notes
Authors: Evan M. Hamme and Leah Robinson

09/16/15 “Discussion of State Tax Cases, Issues, and Policy Matters to Watch”

Tax Executives Institute—San Diego Chapter State & Local Tax Seminar (San Diego, Calif.)
Presenters: Annie H. Huang, Kerne Matsubara, and Mike Cataldo

07/13/15 “Hyatt to Make Second Trip to the United States Supreme Court in Continuing Battle with the Franchise Tax Board”

Authors: Pillsbury SALT

05/06/15 “Key California Developments”

Tax Executives Institute - Orange County Chapter State & Local Tax Day (Orange County, Calif.)
Presenters: Annie H. Huang and Kerne Matsubara

04/21/15 “The MTC ALAS Project and the Growing Interest in Transfer Pricing at the State and Local Level”

COST 2015 Spring Audit Session/Income Tax Conference (Memphis, Tenn.)
Presenter: Jeffrey M. Vesely

02/23/15 “Are You Paying Too Much Tax? Drafting Contracts to Minimize Taxes (Including the Potential Impact of International Taxes)”

COST 2015 Sales Tax Conference & Audit Session (Orlando, Florida)
Presenter: Jeffrey M. Vesely

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