TEI New York Chapter SALT Meeting

Pillsbury SALT attorneys Craig Becker, Robert P. Merten III, Zachary Atkins, Evan Hamme and Aruna Chittiappa will present during TEI’s New York Chapter SALT Meeting on April 19 taking place at Pillsbury’s New York Office.


Pillsbury SALT is pleased to share three presentations at the April meeting:

  • SALT Cases Impacting the Landscape: Group Composition, Intercompany Transactions, Sourcing, Alternative Apportionment (Robert P. Merten III and Zachary Atkins)
  • SALT West Coast Developments: California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico (Craig Becker and Evan Hamme)
  • SALT Legislative Trends for 2023: Digital Advertising Taxes, Market Sourcing, GILTI Expansion, Pillar 2 Impact (Aruna Chittiappa)

For more information and to register, please visit the event page.