TEI Silicon Valley Chapter’s State & Local Tax Day & IPT Joint Meeting

TEI-Silicon-ValleyPillsbury SALT was proud to present TEI/IPT Silicon Valley’s State and Local Tax Day & IPT Joint Meeting on December 5! The team presented a 3/4-day seminar that focused on topics related to the State and Local Tax implications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Wayfair, and other hot topics in state and local taxation.

Our Pillsbury SALT team presented the following:

SALT Tax Controversies:  Why “Winning” Isn’t the Same for Everyone

Presenters: Marc Simonetti & Carley Roberts

Property and Transfer Tax Update, Including Split Roll

Presenters: Craig Becker & Breann Robowski

SALT Cross Pollination: U.S. and International Approaches to Taxing Foreign Source Income

Presenters: Marc Simonetti & Evan Hamme

California’s OTA: Friend or Foe?

Presenters: Annie Huang, Carley Roberts & Robert Merten III

CDTFA:  Best Practices for Sales/Use Tax Audits and Appeals

Presenters: Richard Nielsen & Mike Le

Market-Based Sourcing: What’s Happening at Audit and Appeal

Presenters: Annie Huang & Nicole Boutros

Local and Gross Receipts Taxes:  Including S.F., Fresno and Oakland Supermajority Cases and OR CAT and Portland, Ore. Clean Energy Surcharge

Presenters: Craig Becker, Richard Nielsen & Robert Merten III


Following the seminar, Pillsbury SALT hosted a reception.