Past Events

02/08/23 - 02/10/23 “Pass-through Entities: Multistate Tax Twists and Turns”

2023 National Multistate Tax Symposium (Lake Buena Vista, FL)
Presenter: Marc Simonetti

01/23/23 “Recent Measures Establish Unprecedented Tax Increases on Real Property in California Cities”

Pillsbury Client Alert
Authors: Craig Becker, Breann Robowski, Rachel Horsch, David Wright

01/23/23 “California extends deadlines to file and pay taxes for businesses and individuals affected by severe winter storms”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Jeff Phang, Robert P. Merten III, Carley Roberts

01/11/23 “Maryland Digital Ad Tax Updates: Comptroller Seeks Stay of State Court Decision Striking Tax and Recently Dismissed Federal Challenge is Under Appeal”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Aruna Chittiappa, Breanna Zagorski

12/12/22 - 12/13/22 “Evaluating Formulary Apportionment of State Corporate Income Tax”

NYU SALT Institute (New York, NY)
Presenter: Marc Simonetti

12/07/22 - 12/09/22 “California Property Tax – Legal Update”

2022 California Alliance of Taxpayer Advocates Annual Conference (Laguna Niguel, CA)
Presenters: Craig Becker, Breann Robowski

11/30/22 “Second Place is Just the First Place Loser: Ohio Supreme Court Rejects State’s Sourcing of NASCAR Intangible Receipts to Ohio”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Zachary Atkins, Christopher Koester

11/28/22 “Texas Court of Appeals Confirms Cost-of-Performance Method is Proper to Source Service Receipts”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Carley Roberts, Evan Hamme, Taylor A.F. Wolff

11/16/22 “Taxation of Remote Workers after COVID”

New England State and Local Tax Forum (Newton, MA)
Presenter: Marc Simonetti

11/11/22 - 11/12/22 “Let the Countdown Begin! 2022’s Noteworthy SALT Cases”

2022 National Association of State Bar Tax Sections Annual Conference (Austin, TX)
Presenter: Carley Roberts

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