Past Events

02/08/19 “Debt-related considerations arising from the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”

National Multistate Tax Symposium 2019 (Bay Lake, FL)
Presenter: Carley Roberts

01/29/19 “Federal-State Tax Conformity after the TCJA”

Tax Policy Center’s How Are States Responding to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act? Conference (Washington, DC)
Presenter: Carley Roberts

01/15/19 “Transparency Versus Confidentiality in 2019 Tax Disputes”

Authors: Pillsbury SALT

01/01/19 “Revisiting California Tax Residency after the TCJA”

Journal of Multistate Taxation and Incentives, Vol. 28, No. 9
Authors: Mike Le and Eric J. Coffill

12/06/18 “State Tax Roundup: Significant State and Local Developments States’ Reaction to Wayfair and Federal Tax Reform”

Tax Executives Institute’s New York Chapter Meeting (New York)
Presenter: Marc A. Simonetti

12/03/18 “SeeSALT Digest – The Exhaustion Doctrine and De Novo Review”

State Tax Notes
Authors: Carley Roberts and Jessica Allen

11/16/18 “Federal Tax Changes Rocking the SALT Landscape”

Tax Executives Institute’s New Jersey All Day Seminar (Randolph, New Jersey)
Presenters: Carley Roberts and Marc A. Simonetti

11/12/18 California Update

Financial Institutions State Tax Coalition Annual Meeting 2018 (Las Vegas)
Presenter: Jeffrey M. Vesely

11/06/18 “Top Trends in State Income and Indirect Taxes”

Tax Executives Institute’s Atlanta Chapter Luncheon Meeting (Atlanta)
Presenters: Carley Roberts and Nicole Boutros

10/23/18 California and Arizona Updates

Council On State Taxation’s 49th Annual Meeting (Phoenix)
Presenters: Annie H. Huang, Jeffrey M. Vesely, Jessica N. Allen, and Mike Le

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