Past Events

07/24/18 “Captive Audience: More States Instruct Taxpayers to Include Captive Insurance Companies in Combined Returns”

Bloomberg’s Daily Tax Report: State
Authors: Dmitrii Gabrielov and Andrew Appleby

06/20/18 “Fund Managers Face Tax Hike If California Passes AB 2731”

Authors: Pillsbury SALT

04/27/18 “Current State Tax Developments in California and Other Western States”

Tax Executives Institute’s Denver Chapter Meeting (Denver)
Presenters: Robert P. Merten III and Eric Coffill

04/20/18 “State Tax Tribunals – Perspectives from Both Sides of the Bench”

Council on State Taxation’s Income Tax Conference 2018 (Boston)
Presenter: Carley Roberts

04/13/18 “Sales Taxation of Digital Commerce in the United States”

American Bar Association’s 18th Annual Tax Planning Strategies U.S. and Europe Conference (Amsterdam)
Presenter: Richard E. Nielsen

03/26/18 “Implications of the MTC’s Market-Based Sourcing Model Regulations”

State Tax Notes
Authors: Robert P. Merten III, Jeffrey A. Friedman, and Nicholas J. Kump

03/22/18 “California’s Clean Energy Equipment Tax Exemption and the Value of Stakeholder Input”

Authors: Carley Roberts, Robert P. Merten III and Jessica N. Allen

02/07/18 “Planning for Future State Taxation Regimes – and the ‘Future State’”

Deloitte’s National Multistate Tax Symposium 2018 (Orlando)
Presenter: Marc A. Simonetti

12/31/17 “California Supreme Court Expands the California Real Estate Transfer Tax to Entity Transfers that Cause Property Tax Re-Assessments under Proposition 13”

Authors: Craig A. Becker, Richard E. Nielsen, Breann E. Robowski and Andrew J. Weiner

12/05/17 “Sharing is Caring: The Implications of Increased Information Sharing by Revenue Authorities.”

Tax Executives Institute’s Silicon Valley Chapter SALT Conference (San Francisco)
Presenter: Marc A. Simonetti

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