Past Events

05/01/23 “‘If You Don’t Make It There, You Can’t Make It Anywhere:’ New York’s Zero Manufacturing Rate Requires New York Property”

Pillsbury Client Alert
Authors: Marc Simonetti, Evan Hamme, Christopher Koester, Breanna Zagorski

04/25/23 “Certainly COP: Florida Court Rejects Department of Revenue’s Attempt to Conflate Costs of Performance Sourcing With Market-Based Sourcing”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Zachary Atkins, Breanna Zagorski

04/24/23 - 04/27/23 “The Top State Corporate Income Tax Issues in 2023”

2023 COST Income Tax Conference (New Orleans, LA)
Presenter: Marc Simonetti

04/19/23 “SALT West Coast Developments: California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico”

TEI NY Chapter SALT Meeting (New York, NY)
Presenters: Craig Becker, Evan Hamme

04/19/23 “SALT Legislative Trends for 2023: Digital Advertising Taxes, Market Sourcing, GILTI Expansion, Pillar 2 Impact

TEI NY Chapter SALT Meeting (New York, NY)
Presenters: Marc Simonetti, Aruna Chittiappa

04/19/23 “SALT Cases Impacting the Landscape: Group Composition, Intercompany Transactions, Sourcing, Alternative Apportionment”

TEI NY Chapter SALT Meeting (New York, NY)
Presenters: Robert P. Merten III, Zachary Atkins

03/22/23 - 03/24/23 “Taxation of the Digital World”

CalTax 97th Annual Meeting (Sacramento, CA)
Presenter: Carley Roberts

03/21/23 “California Lawmakers Propose Constitutional Amendment to Abolish the State Board of Equalization”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Craig Becker, Breann Robowski, Kristen Sharp

03/19/23 - 03/22/23 “Can’t Hardly Wait – SALT Issues Related to Digital Services”

TEI 73rd Midyear Conference (Washington, D.C.)
Presenter: Aruna Chittiappa

03/16/23 - 03/17/23 “Hot Topics in Property Tax: A Nationwide Survey”

2023 ABA/IPT Advanced Property Tax Seminar (New Orleans, LA)
Presenter: Breann Robowski

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