Past Events

10/24/22 - 10/27/22 “Issues with Sales Taxation of Digital Business Inputs”

COST's 53rd Annual Meeting (Orlando, FL)
Presenter: Robert P. Merten III

10/24/22 - 10/27/22 “How to do SALT in 2022 and Beyond”

COST's 53rd Annual Meeting (Orlando, FL)
Presenter: Evan Hamme

10/23/22 - 10/26/22 “SALT Considerations During an Economic Slowdown”

TEI's 77th Annual Conference (Scottsdale, AZ)
Presenter: Carley Roberts

10/21/22 “Maryland Court Invalidates Maryland’s First-of-Its-Kind Digital Ad Tax”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Marc Simonetti, Evan Hamme, Aruna Chittiappa, Christopher Koester

10/19/22 - 10/21/22 “Market Sourcing and Factor Presence Nexus Trends”

29th Annual Paul J. Hartman State and Local Tax Forum (Nashville, TN)
Presenter: Zachary Atkins

10/18/22 “The Curious First Meeting of the MTC’s Model Receipts Sourcing Regulations Work Group”

Pillsbury Client Alert
Authors: Zackary Atkins, Jeff Phang, Nolan Kessler

10/18/22 “Everything in its Place: New Mexico Hearing Officer Finds Markup for Out-of-State Service is Exempt, While Reimbursements for New Mexico Employee Payroll are Taxable”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Evan Hamme, Breanna Zagorski

10/10/22 “Industry Trade Association Sues California Franchise Tax Board Over “Radical” New Interpretation on Scope of Public Law 86-272 Post-Wayfair”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Robert P. Merten III, Carley Roberts, Nolan Kessler

09/12/22 - 09/13/22 “Appeal Considerations in a Virtual World”

2022 Western States Petroleum Association (Oxnard, CA)
Presenter: Breann Robowski

08/30/22 “Pennsylvania Legislation Provides Updates to Corporate Income Tax Law”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Evan Hamme, Jack Camillo

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