Past Events

05/14/19 California Municipal Gross Receipts Taxes

Palo Alto Chamber Business Connections Group event (Palo Alto, Calif.)
Presenter: Craig A. Becker

05/01/19 “The Taxation of Section 965 Deemed Repatriation”

COST’s Spring Audit Session & Income Tax Conference 2019 (Denver)
Presenter: Carley Roberts

04/25/19 “Trends and Developments”

American Petroleum Institute’s Annual State & Local Income & Franchise Tax Meeting (San Ramon, Calif.)
Presenters: Carley Roberts and Robert Merten

04/16/19 “California Business Tax May Provide High Court Nexus Test”

Authors: and

03/26/19 “California Law: The Case of the Overburdened Taxpayer”

California Taxpayers Association (Sacramento, Calif.)
Presenter: Carley Roberts

03/18/19 “Taxpayers Benefit from Courts Declining Agency Deference”

Authors: and

03/18/19 “Commerce Clause Decisions Open Door for TCJA-Related Challenges”

State Tax Notes, Vol. 91, No. 11
Authors: Evan M. Hamme and Timothy A. Gustafson

03/12/19 “The Changing Controversy Landscape – Defending False Claims Act and Qui Tam Lawsuits”

Practising Law Institute’s Hot Topics in State and Local Tax 2019 (New York)
Presenter: Marc Simonetti

03/07/19 State Income Tax Issues

TEI’s Los Angeles Chapter Mergers & Acquisitions Seminar (Los Angeles)
Presenter: Evan Hamme

03/05/19 The State of State and Local Taxes

TEI's New York Chapter State and Local Chapter Meeting (New York)
Presenters: Carley Roberts, Marc Simonetti and Annie Huang

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