Past Events

07/16/23 - 07/19/23 “Recent Trends in Receipts Factor Sourcing”

2023 SEATA Annual Conference (Little Rock, AR)
Presenter: Zachary Atkins

07/12/23 “Minnesota Tax Court Denies a Catalog and Internet-Based Distribution Company Public Law 86-272 Protection”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Joseph Chan, Robert P. Merten III

06/12/23 - 06/15/23 “Comprehensive Income Tax”

2023 Summer Tax Institute (Davis, CA)
Presenter: Robert P. Merten III

05/31/23 “A Hat Tip to the Manufacturing, R&D and Electric Power Industries: California Bill Would Provide Income Tax Credits for Sales and Use and District Taxes Paid on Certain ‘Qualified Tangible Personal Property'”

Pillsbury Client Alert
Authors: Carley Roberts, Craig Becker, Richard Nielsen, Zachary Atkins

05/24/23 “New York Administrative Law Judge Holds ITFA Preempts Taxation of Gross Receipts from ADSL and Fiber Broadband Sales”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Zachary Atkins, Christopher Koester

05/17/23 “SALT Panel – Legislative Developments, Litigation Updates, Big Gain, MTC Projects to Watch”

Wall Street Tax Association 2023 Spring Tax Conference (New York, NY)
Presenter: Marc Simonetti

05/17/23 “No Day Off for Buehler: California Sources Gain from Sale of Intangible to Domicile and Denies Other State Tax Credit”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Carley Roberts, Jeff Phang

05/07/23 - 05/11/23 “Filing Methodologies”

2023 COST Intermediate/Advanced State Income Tax School (DFW Airport, TX)
Presenter: Evan Hamme

05/03/23 “State Tax Legislative & Judicial Updates – National”

COST/CTC Mid-West Regional State Tax Seminar (Rolling Meadows, IL)
Presenters: Carley Roberts, Zachary Atkins

05/03/23 “California Tax Matters: Property, Transfer, and Local Taxes”

COST/CTC Mid-West Regional State Tax Seminar (Rolling Meadows, IL)
Presenters: Craig Becker, Kristen Sharp

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