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08/26/20 “Pennsylvania’s Agency Deference Bait and Switch: Synthes USA”

Tax Notes State
Authors: Evan M. Hamme and Caroline Koo

08/24/20 “New York Trial Court Finds State’s Attempt to Tax Storage Services Performed Entirely in New Jersey Arbitrary and Capricious”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Zachary T. Atkins and Aruna Chittiappa

08/13/20 “IPOs, Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, & Restructurings: A Deep Dive into Transactional SALT Issues for Tech Companies”

Council on State Taxation’s 2020 State and Local Tax Webinar for Technology Companies (Webinar)
Presenter: Marc Simonetti

08/12/20 “Market-Based Sourcing for Tech Companies: Identifying ‘Customers’ and Locating Their ‘Benefits’”

Council on State Taxation’s 2020 State and Local Tax Webinar for Technology Companies (Webinar)
Presenter: Carley Roberts

08/06/20 “California Court of Appeal Concludes That a Trust With a Non-California Trustee May Be Subject to Tax on All of Its Gain from the Sale of Stock”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Jeff Vesely and Annie Huang

07/30/20 “D.C. Council Abandons Digital Advertising Sales Tax Proposal”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Author: Aruna Chittiappa

06/29/20 “The Split-Roll Initiative Is Poised to Rock California’s Property Tax System”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Craig A. Becker, Richard E. Nielsen, Breann E. Robowski

06/29/20 “California Court of Appeal Concludes Transfer Tax Not Applicable to Purchase of Realty Encumbered by Long-Term Leasehold”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Craig A. Becker, Breann E. Robowski, Richard E. Nielsen, Robert P. Merten III

06/24/20 “California Legislature Passes Governor Newsom’s Proposal to Suspend California Net Operating Loss Deductions and Limit Tax Credits during 2020-2022”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Jeffrey M. Vesely, Craig A. Becker, Carley Roberts, Breann Robowski

06/09/20 “Appellate Court Says DREs Are Regarded for Tennessee Excise Tax Purposes When Owned by Noncorporate Parent; in Related News, S Corporation Rejoice”

SeeSALT Blog Post
Authors: Zachary T. Atkins, William L. Bennett

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